Sunday, October 24, 2010

rockin it in the new minivan

we had a really big car decision to make after my nissan xterra sold within a few days of putting a 'for sale' sign on it. we had 2 nights to decide between a minivan or suv, and then actually find one that we liked. we did a lot of research and tons of praying. on the second night before heading home when the car we went to look at had just sold, we found it... God had the perfect car for us waiting there. stats, you ask? 2006 toyota sienna limited. 42k miles. pearl white. i never thought i could love a car, much less a minivan, this much. it is awesome.

sometimes we drive around town with the kids out of their carseats. jk.

this tiny mirror allows you to catch anything naughty going on in the back without the kids knowing you're watching!

i don't really know what's happening here.

after watching a few sesame street podcasts from the ipod, we made it clear that car dvd's are only for vacations and rewards (ie: bribing them when we have doctor appointments and errands all day).

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