Saturday, October 02, 2010

Tball & dinos

We decided to introduce Wallace to his first sport this fall. This morning we went to Citrus Ranch Park in Tustin for his 1st (of 8) Tball classes. He's been excited all week but this morning when he woke up, he wasn't sure he wanted to go. Halfway through during a water break he ran up to me saying "I LOVE it now, Mama!". He had a great time. Rian does a lot of it with him and I keep tabs on Skyler and talk to the other moms. Super fun and relaxed.

This is a familiar car situation. They love singing their "kid music" together. Excuse the blurriness... it was a backhanded blind shot took while driving.

Sweet sweet Gypsy. Skyler especially has taken to using her as a stool. And she puts up with it. Sweet dog. I have no idea how long they had been doing this when I finally came outside.

Skye and I staying cool on the 110 degree day last week reading her all time favorite book.

Wally loves do draw. LOVES it. Months ago his circles became suns with rays and those became faces and lions and now he's really into drawing dinosaurs.

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Karen Cleary said...

That must melt your heart to see your kids loving each other! So sweet and wonderful! :)