Wednesday, May 07, 2008

where is he?

since wallace has been crawling, i find myself loosing him all the time. i'll walk to the kitchen for a drink and come back and he's gone! crawling didn't come to him one day like it does some babies. it was about a month of slowly getting it down. and since he's gotten it, he's quick and he likes small spaces. he'll tear an area apart and once spotted, darts to the next place with this sneaky look on his face.


Melissa Stephenson said...

Isn't is amazing how fast they can be?! I bet Wallace and Aaron would like playing hide and seek together. Wallace is seriously so cute... And what a great mother's day for you to have him dedicated =)

Cristy said...

So cute! I remember that with Nolan. It is crazy how fast they can just you wait til he can RUN! Wallace is getting so big and is just as cute as can be. Have a great Mother's Day!