Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I babysat Liv yesterday for Juliana and she and Wallace had the time of their lives. After waking up to find Liv at his house, Wallace gave her a typical greeting. Watch the video.
I am a natural for capturing the most awkward of expressions. Below is Wallace clapping at something and right afterwards, Liv clapping at something.

Sharing toys.


juliana said...

Why is she wearing a Thanksgiving bib? Who is that girl's mother? :) Thank you SO much for watching her and letting Wallace sit on her - she loves when we sit on her too!

Karen said...

mike and i got a good laugh out of that video. :)

Jon and Missy K said...

You guys have the cutest kids! Do you think Wallace will give me a back rub next time I see him?

tim, alissa, kate, & amelia said...
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tim, alissa, kate, & amelia said...

you both have darling kids!