Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Old Friends

The Cleary's had us over for dinner Monday night in honor of the Green's being in town from Washington. Christy and I lived in the same house our last year at Biola and Jeff and my parents are friends from way back. All 8 of us went to the same college and it was really fun getting together and catching up (even though we get to see the Cleary's and Hartman's all the time). It was especially fun seeing all of us in this new stage of life, surrounded by kids. Cleary's, thanks for having all us over!!

Here we are around the table on the left: Mike and Karen Cleary with Ethan (3.5 months), Christy and Jeff Green with Jack (5 months) and Clara (2 years), Andrew and Kelly Hartman with Emma (3 months), and Rian and I with Wallace (who just turned 10 months!).

Wallace and Jack wrestling.

The kids.

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eric and meg said...

pretty cool that all of you have stayed close. thats something to hold on to... very cool. gotta love the pix with the kids... ya ought to keep taking that pose and see how they all grow up together. how neat that would be... :)