Wednesday, May 21, 2008

weekend events

We had a weekend full of parties. I had a baby shower friday night for Tiffany (in our life group) and her adorable baby boy, JJ; we had a 1st birthday party saturday for Ethan (below is an awesome picture of him devouring his birthday cake); and sunday was my mom's birthday and we celebrated all day long.

Ethan Herring

My mom's bday. The day consisted mostly of sitting in the jacuzzi, volleyball tourney in the pool, "around the world" ping pong tourney, and eating.

Rian and Wallace floating along.

Us kids made pizza's for dinner and we cooked them on the bbq. They turned out delicous.

The BBQers.

Uncle Bumble going in for a kiss. Gypsy (who let her come?) hunting for any dropped food.

GiGi (birthday girl) and Wallace.


For dessert we drove up to Orange Hill to enjoy the view by the fire pits.

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