Friday, May 23, 2008

the tooth & other things

This week was extra interesting, as Wallace is getting his second tooth. Whoever said the first tooth was the roughest, doesn't know much. Wallace's first tooth came in with no side effects except 3-4 hour naps throughout the few days before the tooth. This one, however, is complete with lots of fussiness, tons of drool, 101 degree fever, waking up throughout the night, and a couple bouts of throw-up. Speaking of that, Wednesday morning was a perfect day to walk around the bluffs of Corona del Mar. Except that once we arrived and I pulled Wallace out of his carseat, he threw up all over my shoulder and down my back. Thick. Too messy to even drive home in my shirt without getting barf all over the seat. So yes, I drove home topless. I really did. I mean, I covered up with one of his blankets, but I was still practically topless.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! To celebrate, we are building a new deck in the backyard (we means Rian, btw). Hopefully we (Rian) will have it done by Sunday so that Monday can be a play day! Also hoping that the sun comes out, although this stormy weather is really fun! Perfect for coffee and a book (my books these days have huge words on every other page and big bright cartoon pictures).


Monique said...

I love that you did that! How very racy of you. Let's get together soon. I know I keep saying that, but I really mean it.

Melissa Stephenson said...

Ha ha! That picture made me laugh - not that I was picturing you topless, but you get the idea =) The teething can be so hard!!! Poor Wallace and poor you. Hang in there - Aaron is SOOO fussy about his teeth coming out too... No fun.