Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

My first mother's day weekend was great for many reasons. My sister and brother-in-law flew home Friday night from Central America. After getting married in October, they went to Guatamala for 6 months to study Spanish, explore the country and do some volunteer work. They are now home and ready to line up some jobs and find a place to live in Los Angeles. We hung out on Saturday... catching up, playing with Wallace, jacuzzi, and of course lots of eating. It is so nice to have my sister home and living close by. Rian and I are excited to hang out with her and Brian this summer. We are also excited to have more babysitters close by!!

Sunday was mother's day and it began with Wallace's baby dedication at church. This is something we want to do with each of our kids as we commit to raising them in a Godly way. Here is Rian reading the verse we choose for Wallace (Colossians 1:9-12)

Both of our immediate families and my grandparents were at the dedication and afterwards everyone came over to our house for a Mother's Day lunch.

If you look closely, a glimpse of his ONE tooth. Soon I'll post a picture of his crib with the single tooth marks scraped all over.

I also received my first mother's day gift from Rian, I MEAN WALLACE. It came in a little blue box... :) A silver necklace with a W pendant. I love it.


Melissa Stephenson said...

What a great day, Meg.... You have some special guys! =)

Jon and Missy K said...

So sad we missed Wallace's dedication! We ended up making one last trip to Mammoth for some spring skiing. Happy Mother's Day!!!

The Tousleys said...

Hi Guys- I found your blog because of Melissa. It looks like you are well. Little Wallace is so cute. Congrats!

I have a random question. Where did you get the big brown mirror you have in your living room? It's just the size and color we're looking for. I'd love to know. Blessings to you both.
Kate (Tompkins) Tousley

The Tousleys said...

Cool. Thanks for the info. We do have an IKEA near us. I've been in San Diego now for the last couple of years so we have everything. Can't wait to get my new mirror! Appreciate your help.