Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Malibu Camping

There is something about camping that makes you forget about everything going on in the real world while you just play, relax and enjoy everything around you. We spent 2 nights at Malibu Creek with some good friends of ours... the Rasmussens, Petars, and Bergmanns. We ate some amazing food, went exploring, had super creepy whirling dervish neighbors, sent the boys on a hunt for the rock pool, fought off bees (unsuccessfully for me), enjoyed wildlife, took drives, and actually got our kids to sleep in their tents while we enjoyed late nights by the fire under the stars. This is camping.
My friend, Sarah Petar, is a little domestic goddess when it comes to food, decor, and anything creative. She brought this banner for our campsite and family photos.
And she made these little hobo sacks for each of the kids.
Could Skyler be any more happy and content here with her brother? I love this.

Suzy and her "baby"... about to be a big brother when Coral arrives soon!
Finn Petar
If you're not dirty while camping, you're just not having enough fun.
Scarlett (one week older than Charlie) is very touchy-feely and Charlie is not sure how he feels about it.
Oh Tate... Sweet happy campers.
Feeling Coral move around in the belly!
My baby girl.
There was always something delicious to eat.
Yes, that's Starbucks on the table... we all napped our kids in the car while we drove down to Malibu for coffee and car rides. It was a break from the 100 degree afternoon for a while.
Wally & Skye hanging out.
The rock pool!!
Skyler has a thing for personal hygiene even while camping.
And for going potty in public.
This meadow backed up to our tents and we had deer passing through all day. And coyote passing through all night, howling like I've never heard!

My snuggle bear.
Wally and Ryder were together nonstop.
All of us on our last night.
Enjoying s'mores before bedtime.

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