Monday, September 19, 2011

Week B and C

B and C week came and went so fast! B week was awesome, C week kind of petered out, but I have high hopes for D week...

The kids helped make Brownie Bites and we mailed off a big one to Uncle BUMBLE.
Then we made handprint BUTTERFLIES which I took no pictures of, but here's the inspiration:
Charlie continues to take naps like a champ...
so that we can do things like this:
We made BEANIE BALLS which were awesome. 3 balloons trimmed up, layered and filled with beans. Lots of ball tossing games that week.
Another special thing for B week was when Chelsea came and taught Wallace and Skyler about BARCELONA. They learned about the buildings, the language, soccer, and this guy (Messi). Thanks again Chels. Such a treat to have you do geography this week. ;)

Loving our neighborhood, all the kids, and the final warm nights of summer.
Been visiting the magic kingdom here and there.
For C week we made CATERPILLAR prints with balloons. We invited Wally's neighbor friend, Emi, over to join.
Then they did homework books out on the sidewalk before Emi went to her school (she's a "late bird" so they don't start until noon... fun for Wallace to have her around in the mornings this year).
For C week, we also went and visited these guys at the Centennial Farm with my friend Sarah and her little Scarlett (born a week before Charlie) and her oldest, Finn (born a month after Skyler).

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