Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Quiet Bags

I did it. I made the quiet bags that I should have made 5 months ago. Here they are with the names given to them by W and S.
"The Matching Wheel"
"Curly Q's"
"Marker Bag"
"The Clothesline"
"Felt Flower Making"
"Number Matching"
"Paperclip matching"
Click on the wheel and print if you would like a matching wheel of your own. I glued mine onto cardboard for extra strength. Enjoy!


Heather Ferenc said...

You are just SO freaking creative...let's just see how long you end up homeschooling with all of these great thoughts of yours! I bet Wally "graduates" from high school in his undies walking down those stairs ;) What a fabulous idea! I think we should market those. I need some quiet bags for a 10 year old and an almost 7 year old. Let's chat....

Madelyn said...

Love this Meghan! I am so going to glean from you and create some of these for my own kiddos. Thank you for the great ideas! Yay for Homeschooling. We can do sooo much more! You're kids are blessed that you're an artist and creative!

Karen Cleary said...

Awesome! Did you download the matching wheel from somewhere?

meghan said...

thanks girls!!! karen, i designed the wheel myself, i can send it to you if you want. i got a few ideas from pinterest, otherwise, it was super fun to think of ideas. i have so many more "bags" i want to put together. :)

Ana said...

Loved these ideas! You're such a natural teacher. Would you be willing to share the wheel as a printable link? I'll be making these "quiet bags" and probably taking packing a few for our flight to Hawaii. Genius.

meghan said...


There you go!!! :)

Ana said...


Karen Cleary said...

You are awesome! Thanks so much! Would you mind sharing when you make more quiet bags? I'm lacking in the creative department.

Karen Cleary said...
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