Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Preschool -- "A" week

Wally's first week of "preschool" went great. He loves it. We studied the letter A. This included a trip to the library to get our "A" books, many discussions, letter writing, Bible Stories, drawing & painting, visiting a pet store to look at Aquariums, and making our service project for (A)unt Bri.

Letter writing practice
Painting the Aquariums we saw.
Wally showing Skyler how to do his computer game.
Skyler doing her weekly chore.
Apple prints
Apple bread for Aunt Bri!
Wallace was so proud to have his verse memorized by Friday. "As the deer..."

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Elizabeth said...

There is nothing more precious than that video of Wallace reciting scripture. You are an amazing mom Meghan and so impressed with your homeschooling!