Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall time

Mimi brought us these adorable hats that a friend of hers from Town & Country made for Wally and Skyler.
Charlie's first time out of the bumbo and in the high chair.
For Fall, I made a moss and burlap wreath, bought my annual pumpkin candle and put up this burlap banner that the kids helped me make.
For "D" week: some DADDY time. His DAD was his service project this week. Wally did a DRAWING of DADDY and we took it to his office for his DESK.
DOMINO snacks...
Dinner at the Delja's (this was actually "E" week but we should have planned it the week before!)
For "E" week, Wallace got to pick out one item from the market: he chose EGGPLANT!
We enjoyed some "ENTERTAINMENT at the Cars II 3D playing at the $1 theater.
An ETIQUETTE lesson while having tea.
Wallace's service project for "E" week was creating and ENVELOPE and sending this ELEPHANT to his neighbor EMI. :)

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