Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wallace's Birthday Weekend

Wallace turned 4 and had five birthday desserts throughout the birthday weekend. Not bad! Here's his birthday donut on the morning of his birthday (Friday, the 22nd):
The lion cupcake I made for his party:
Peach custard he requested for his birthday dessert at home Friday night:
Chocolate mini cakes that GiGi made for Saturday's celebration:
Chocolate cake from Rian's parents on Sunday:

Friday's Lion Party took place at Tewinkle Park with a few good friends of his (and mine!)
Wallace was very particular with the events of his party. Among other things, he wanted to make bags so his friends could go on an acorn and stick hunt:

Saturday morning we surprised him with Disneyland passes! A video of the surprise is at the bottom.

GiGi and Wally with his new remote control car.

Playing in the sprinklers at Grandma & Grandpa's house after going on a major treasure hunt for his birthday presents!
Skyler helping Grandpa pick tomatoes in the garden.

We bought three 4-day passes at Costco that come with the $50 gift cards. We're using the 4 days this summer when we would normally be blocked out with our passports. On day 4 we'll upgrade to the annual pass (you save money on Costco's price + you can apply the $50 card to the passport). This saves over $150 for us compared to just buying the passports alone. Nice!! Thanks Mr. Costco worker for the tip.

UPDATE: This deal actually saved us only $10 (plus 4 extra days during summer). Costco changed their deal and disney raised passport rates. But it's still worth something. :)

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