Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July weekend - a lot of pics

friday night met rian's parents at the orange circle for frozen yogurt and hide&seek.
saturday morning we kept cool in our front yard with sprinklers.
saturday afternoon peyton saukkola had her 1st birthday party. so fun being with these friends and seeing our kids run around together.

after church on sunday, we enjoyed a pool day at my parents. wally is SUCH a fish. he loves jumping in and using his new "big arms" whenever possible.

sweetie pie. he still does this. all the time.
sunday night game night. booya. i won. j/k...i think we talked too much and lost track.
monday morning on the bay. so early, peaceful and relaxing.
4th of july afternoon at the hartmans. bbq and pool with old friends. the best.
hot mess luke hartman. after ravenously eating his dinner.

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