Thursday, July 14, 2011

channel islands

Rian got away on an amazing trip with old friends. Wednesday night, he, Phil and Chaz stayed at Colby's house. Thursday night they surfed and camped in Ventura. Then Friday they took a ferry to the Channel Islands and stayed until Sunday. They filled their days with kayaking, hiking, spear fishing, sea cave exploring, frisbee and who knows what else...

It was a long time for the kids and I at home, but I'm glad he was able to take the trip (and we filled our days at home with some fun times). Such beautiful pictures (Thanks Phil!) and great stories. We'll be going to Ohio in August to watch Colby marry his love, Chelsea. Can't wait!

Rian left me with a gift to open each night he's gone. And they were good. I love my romantic creative husband.