Sunday, January 01, 2012

Family Christmas

The week before Christmas is so full of excitement and anticipation. I love this season and we are so fortunate to be surrounded by people we love. Rian and I have so enjoyed watching our kids this season. Everything is so magical. The story of Jesus. The angels. Wallace is starting to grasp why we do this, why we give gifts, what we are truly celebrating. This year my parents hosted both the Wallace and Bardwell family Christmas. They put a tent out back and we sat inside with twinkle lights, carpet and heaters.

My cousin Allison with Charlie.
The kids activity table.

Aunt Sheri and Charlie boy.
My dad reading the true Christmas story.
Wally and Blake, my cousin Kips youngest boy. They are a couple months apart and had so much fun playing this Christmas.
Mimi and Charlie... exactly 90 years between them.
Playing "Spoons" with my Bardwell cousins.
Kennedy Christmas. Joel came out from Arizona with his buddy, Levi. The Orrs in Oregon couldn't make it down, but we're hoping to road trip it up to them this summer!
Christmas morning around our tree...
Charlie, very excited about his stocking contents.

Christmas morning at my parents house! While Uncle Bumble was "upstairs in the bathroom", guess who showed up at our door.... SANTA!!!

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