Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011 in REVIEW

I was pregnant the first 4 months, nursing and living the newborn haze the middle 4 months, and settling into a routine in the last 4 months. There were days we packed full, weeks we kept simple, beautiful times and other just plain survival mode times. Here are things remembered from 2011:

Passing around winter colds ALL of January. Could have had a better start...
Attending, designing the newsletter, and being a table leader at a moms Bible Study called Nurture. A definite highlight of my week for so many reasons.
Saying goodbye to my sweet grandpa. So lucky to have had him in my life all these years and I look forward to seeing him again in the true eternal life!
Meeting Charlie.
Rian went camping with some of his best friends on the Channel Islands.
The first of our wedding series this summer. Rian's sister, Bri married Mace, and Wally was their ring bearer.
Wedding #2... Wally a ring bearer again and myself a bridesmaid in all my postpartum glory. Sara and Sean's beautiful whimsical wedding on sprawling greens. Loved!
So many peaceful summer mornings on the bay. The best.
Summer softball.
Camping in Malibu.
Joining the Y again... good workouts, great childcare and 2 hours to myself! Sometimes much needed bliss.
A wedding in Ohio. Rian's best friend Colby got married, and we got to "vacation" with just Charlie and enjoy good times with old friends. Seriously a fun weekend.
A weekend in Arrowhead with college friends.
Paradise Point with the Wallace Family.
Monthly dinner with these folks... plus starting a Life Group with them at our place.
Disneyland passes!
My Thursday night Mama's Group. What would I do without them? NO, really.
Starting "home-preschool" with Wallace and kind of Skyler.
A flight to San Francisco with my best girlfriends from high school. Time hasn't changed when we're together.
Mammoth ski trip.
Indian Wells with my fam.

Here's to a new year in 2012! Still working on our new goals. We're moving forward as a family of 5 and ready to see what God has for us!

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R+M+Little Shmu said...

What a rich year full of great memories (aside from the survival ones, I guess)! I like this yearly recapping idea.