Thursday, February 03, 2011


Where have we been the month of January, you ask? See below.

Taking care of sick kids. All. Month. Long. Our little family passed around a cold. All four of us got it bad. Fever and cough mostly. Then we were on the mend for a good week and then a new cold arrived. So nice. But we were still able to enjoy January a little bit:

Rian and I had a free weekend. His parents took the kids fri-sun and we enjoyed a dinner/movie night, breakfast on the beach, and accomplished some big projects around the house. It was just what we needed.

Sometimes when you're sick with a sore throat, nothing else makes you happy except an ice cream cone. I shared it with the kids. I don't know how we keep passing colds around...

We felt it was a good time to move Skye into Wally's room before the baby comes and takes over her room. It went so much smoother than we could have imagined. They are having a great time and love waking up in the same room.

I had the best date night with Wallace while Rian took Skyler out on the town. They went to get frozen yogurt and Wally and I hit up Starbucks and the bookstore. It's so nice to have alone time with him. We sat and talked about all sorts of things. I could have stayed there all night with him.

I've been getting the whole "are they twins" thing while out lately. Mostly when they're sitting and you can't see the height difference. But, I still think it's funny. And true. They do look alike.

And finally, for the month of January, some pics of our beach days. Nothing better than 80 degree weather in January. I love where we live. Here is Wally, Skye & Liv chasing the helicopters. The water was full of dolphins on this day. So beautiful.

Also, I'm a little obsessed with this girl.

And her raspy belly laugh. I love this laugh.


chels said...

so sweet :) excited to see you guys soon, too :)

Jon and Missy K said...

Your kids are so cute! I love how spunky Skye looks in all these pictures! Can't wait to find out what the third Kennedy will be like.

Elizabeth said...

So what if you can go to the beach in January... its like 14 in colorado right now. You want to move.

meghan said...

E, stop making it so tempting to move to colorado. you know how i love 14 degree weather.