Thursday, February 17, 2011

other february things

on sunday nights i fill in the blanks of our fridge-posted planner for the new week ahead of us. sometimes i fill our days with plans and friends and big exciting outings each day. other times, it feels like we should keep a quiet week. maybe an appointment or a meeting with a friend scheduled weeks ago. but that's it. that's how this week has been and today was empty. too empty. wallace got crabby. skyler was fussy. so i gave up on my hopes to stay in pj's and do some design work. i busted out an emergency plan of fingerpainting, hopscotch out front, and a packed lunch trip to a new little park. the kids were thrilled. all crabbiness and fussiness disappeared and the morning ended up quite nice. the kids napped almost 3 hours once we were home thanks to the races i had them do all over the park while i sat and basked in the sun. plus i accomplished everything on my list (including putting pj's back on) during their long nap.

skyler fulfilling her plant watering chore.

supperswap is still going strong. i would be lost without it. or at least in the kitchen an extra hour each day from 4-5pm figuring out what to eat while the kids run aimlessly around me begging for attention. i made this chicken salad w/ avocado and blood orange a couple weeks ago that we all loved. so easy for such a fancy little thing.

the kids watching a movie in the weekend fort.

down the street is hutton centre, a business park with a lake full of ducks, jumping catfish, turtles and a couple geese. we like to go and serve lunch sometimes.

rian took wallace out for a boys night. so skyler and i stayed home, painted our nails, and snuggled.

the kids have been saving this milk carton for weeks because i promised we would make a birdhouse. it finally happened. and we haven't seen a bird in sight ever since.

my friend teri threw a sweet little valentines party for a bunch of us. the kids did crafts, ate beautiful treats, and she sent us moms home with a long-stemmed rose.

wally & skyler passing out their valentine granola bars.

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Wheelers said...

Can i get your fancy salad recipe? that looks awesome!