Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas morning

Enjoying one of their new books before heading to Gigi & Poppa's house for breakfast and gifts.

Skyler and I got matching aprons from my parents. The kids were given some bean bag chairs (behind Rian) for their reading nook upstairs.

The night before this (Christmas Eve) was spent at Rian's parents. Wallace received his long awaited dream of a Panda Pillow Pet. He was a very happy and grateful little boy.

Skyler on her new bike from Grandma & Grandpa.

And the night before this (Christmas Eve-Eve), I was able to enjoy a Christmas night out with my girlfriends, a tradition us 7 have had for probably more than a dozen years. It was perfect. And the best part? We all fit together in the new MINIVAN. We haven't done that since high school days in the minivans belonging to our moms! So life comes full circle.

Throughout the month our little elf, Leo, has been hiding around the house each morning. The kids loved waking up and searching all over for him. Here are some snapshots of him:

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