Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Pre-Christmas

At the Grove in LA. Each December we meet up as a family to have dinner, see Santa, watch the "snow" fall and the fountains dance to Christmas carols, get warm drinks and walk around the shops. The Grove is pretty magical during Christmas.

Our annual (extended extended) Wallace Family Christmas party was at the Burgess home this year. Each year Rian and I leave saying how fun it was to hang out and catch up with all my second cousins, hilarious uncles and the rest of this family. I'm so lucky to have such a huge family full of people I love so much. A blurry shot of us kids after dinner:

Uncle Burge jamming on the piano with Skye.

Gift exchange and stealing!

Tee-Ball. Each week we think it's over... but it's stillllll going. Here's Wally during batting practice.

Wallace & Liv on the Christmas train. The far right one is this year and the others are previous years. Such a fun tradition!

We are so thankful to Rian's parents & my parents for all the free babysitting we get, especially during the holidays, allowing us to get out to some parties. Last weekend, the kids made gingerbread men with GiGi while they stayed there for the night.

And while they were decorating gingerbread men, we were enjoying ourselves at the Rasmussen's martini party:

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