Friday, July 16, 2010

so summery!

hot date!! rian surprised me with tics to see kings of leon and dinner at javiers. here we are before leaving the house. the kids stayed over-night at my parents.

the heat is here! skyler & finn staying cool at the santa ana zoo. once a month is "free day" for santa ana residents, and we got finn and his mama in with us too!

one of our favorite things... juliana and i relaxed while the kids played and baby jude sat quietly in her lap (he is so perfect!)

the kids and i beat the crowds and did an early morning at the beach. so nice!

skyler took us to urgent care (the girl doesn't stop). they glued up her torn ear (from falling on the corner of her table) and she was good to go. wallace and rian even made it to their dodger game an hour later!

all smiles for the dodgers.

at dahlia's birthday party in irvine park, wally rode his first horse!

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