Friday, July 16, 2010


camping pics and much more. i fasted from my computer for 2 weeks. actually, my hard drive crashed, so that's the only reason why. i found a computer miracle doctor who saved a bunch of stuff... but not everything. sad...

4th of july weekend at lake casitas, ventura.
kennedy's, hartman's, and rasmussen's:

us at breakfast

ryder & wally collecting "treasure" around camp

keeping the kids contained

ryder played so sweetly with skyler all weekend, always there to protect her if she got too close to the firepit too.

we rented a pontoon boat all day on sunday. we just relaxed and explored the lake, stopping to fish. the boys went out alone to fish in the afternoon while the kids napped and us girls hung out.

rian's rainbow trout... cooked to perfection.



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sarahpetar said...

yeahhhh! you retrieved your pics! so glad. hope date night was a blast.