Monday, June 15, 2009

weekend pics

the garden is thriving and even my dichondra is growing between the stepping stones. i found this dimpled boy poking around in it on friday.

first bounces in a jump house.

the kids.

disneyland. yes, i let goofy touch my child. he came out from nowhere.

here i am on the golden zephyr. i feel really nerdy that i knew the name and just wrote it. wallace is somewhere next to me.

and he went on with rian too. i'm the one on the ground waving like a fool everytime i see him.

also, i'm reading some really good books right now that i thought i'd share. my mama's group is almost done with SACRED PARENTING. it's a really good book to read if you're a mom or even thinking about being one. we loved it. i've also been referring back to BABY WISE lately. i credit the book for the way my kids slept through the night so early. another book i'm just beginning is THE ARTIST'S WAY. lara referred it to me (i picked it up this morning at fashion island, lara... thanks!). i'm really excited about it.


christy said...

Cute! Goofy is Clara's FAVORITE! She would have fainted from excitement! Skyler is getting so big!

aLySSa said...

fashion island?? come visit me at anthropologie!!!