Monday, June 08, 2009

Palm Desert

Last week we escaped to the desert for a long weekend. We stayed at the Marriott Shadow Ridge and had such a fun time with my fam. Rian and I stayed an extra day just us and the kids. We had a villa suite, so Wallace & Skyler could sleep in their own room without us waking them up or vise versa. Skyler has been sleeping 12 hours through the night for a few weeks, and we were hoping she wouldn't let us down! Sure enough, we all got great sleep. It was an awesome time.

Our room opened up to the lake and hole 10 on the other side. Wallace of course, was in heaven here. There was a constant show of ducks, road runners and bunnies roaming across our patio.

We spent each day lounging by the pool here. We could open the curtains and join cabanas to fit all of us.

Wallace was stoked about his new floaties. He felt like he was swimming all by himself.

Dinner at Las Casuelas to celebrate my moms (60th!) birthday.

An early morning swim.

Aunt Lolo and Skye.

Hole 10. Our villa is there in the background.

The boys bbq'd a steak dinner after their afternoon of golfing.

Wallace feeling quite at home.


juliana said...

I love the bedhead on both boys in the early morning swim pic... ha! Looks awesome! So glad you guys had such a lovely weekend!

dede said...
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