Monday, June 15, 2009

A ramble with my scramble(d eggs)

Is it Monday already? The weeks and especially weekends have been flying by. Probably because we have a bad (good) habit of stuffing everything into our weekend that we possibly can. Friday night we did Happy Hour dinner at Claim Jumper. Our favorite, only because we can sit outside (I hate sitting IN restaurants... maybe I'm claustrophobic, maybe I hate smelling like food afterwards) and because they have free kids plates (I think it's called "The Baby Plate" in case you ask. Cheese sticks, turkey slice, mandarin oranges, & apple sauce.) Also, CJ has a great happy hour menu. Anyway, we walked around South Coast Plaza afterwards to walk off our dinner and let Wallace play around (and I did some shopping!). Saturday we joined up with Rian's summer softball guys and their families for a BBQ at the Hartmans. First game is in a week I think. This is always so fun. Especially for us wives who can sit around and talk and watch all the kids run around together. Oh and sometimes watch the game. Sunday we did Disneyland all morning. Yes, we skipped church this weekend. Anyway, our Dland passes are blacked out all of July and a bit more, so we did our final hoorah with the kids. Rian and I hope to sneak away just us before the dreaded blackout. We'll be up and running again in September. Sunday night we had some of our new(er) neighbors over for dinner. One of the families has a 3.5 year old girl. Fun for Wallace. Speaking of him, I'm feeling really clever right now. Blogging on one half of the computer screen and playing a cartoon on the other half (I have a wide screen) while we eat breakfast. Skyler is still sleeping. She seems to enjoy sleeping in (to some people this is not sleeping in, but it's 7:50am and THAT is sleeping in) and giving me time alone with Wallace to eat breakfast and play. Skyler by the way is doing great. She is so happy and has to work pretty hard to lift those cheeks of hers and smile. Wallace still spends the majority of his day smothering her with kisses and asking where she is when she's napping. He loves her. Skye has been going down around 8:30 and waking around 8:00am. Both our kids have been crazy good sleepers. A couple days last week we had them up 'til 10pm. And then they wake up earlier. Go figure.

I'm leaving you with a picture of my Mama's group. I joined them back in the Fall and they have been such a blessing in my life. Every single one of these girls have so much depth to them. They are authentic, down to earth, and fun. We meet at a coffee shop late on Thursday nights and I look forward to it all week. This is us playing at TeWinkle park one day last week. Everyone's here except for Jenn (missed you and Tay-Tay!).

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