Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some other things

A lot is going on. Let's start with the aphids in my iceberg roses. What the heck? They're all over. I looked up a home remedy to spray them with and it involves vegetable oil and dishwashing soap. I looked out my kitchen window today and I have the shiniest rose bushes you've ever seen! I'm not sure how the whole aphid situation is going, but at least the leaves are shiny.

Wallace had a day of firsts yesterday. Nothing big, but it was a full day. 1: He had his first cheerios (see 1st picture below). He hasn't put any in his mouth yet, but he loves picking them up and flying them around in the air. This is one more wonderful thing to add to the list of things that keep him busy for at least 30 minutes. 2: He rode in a shopping cart for the first time (see 2nd picture below). I should have done this way sooner, as he LOVED it and enjoyed looking all around at everything and everyone we passed. 3: He played peek-a-boo with my mom. The kind where he put his blanket over his face while my mom "looked" all over and then he pulled it away and died laughing when she said "There he is!!!" and then did it all over again.

And yet another reason to keep a dog around.


Melissa Stephenson said...

Meg, you always write and express things so hilariously and I always laugh at your posts. It sounds like Aaron and Wallace could have a Cheerio eating/throwing party together.... I'm also trying not to be extremely jealous of the fact that Wallace sleeps so well - so if you could not bring that up anymore, that'd be great. JK. It's so cool what you wrote about your diciplines and picking new ones each month - loved it and very thought provoking...

Karen said...

What a day of firsts! Mike and I are looking forward to some of those. Right now Ethan is just working on realizing that those wiggly things on the end of his arms belong to him. :) Hey, what kind of dog do you have? I am also looking forward to the day when Sam (our lab)makes up for shedding so much by eating Ethan's food off the floor! Hopefully we'll see you guys soon! - Karen Cleary