Saturday, March 22, 2008

Monthly Discipline: APRIL

I love the tradition of Lent. I love the idea of preparation and self-discipline leading up to Easter. I love the inward reflection that comes with choosing something that you may be somewhat enslaved to. It seems that each year after denying something for 40 days, I lose some desire to take it back on. This was true with soda, radio in my car, desserts, and so on. Anyhow, now that Lent is over I still have the desire to give up or take on something that I normally wouldn't do consistently, well, or even at all. I've decided that each month I will choose something new, for the rest of this year.

My April goal involves the early morning. Wallace is a sleeper and has been sleeping 12 hours through the night since about 10 weeks old. If he's not awake by 7 or 8am, I'm not awake either. Knowing that this will not last forever, I want to take advantage of my early morning time. My goal this month is to get up Mon-Fri at 6:30am to read and have some quiet time.


Jon and Missy K said...

Great idea Meg! I'll be sure to call you every morning at 6:30 when I'm out walking Maverick!

meghan kennedy said...

excellent plan, miss... you can be my alarm!