Thursday, March 27, 2008


March was the month of Japan friends. These are Rian's friends, from his time growing up in Japan. Morris was out visiting from Tennessee and we met him, Colby & Miriam (also from Japan but living in LA) at BJ's Pizza in Huntington Beach. Phil and Allie were visiting from Pittsburgh and Chaz and Rebecca just moved here from Virginia. Both Phil and Chaz are Rian's really good friends from Japan and was so fun for them to reconnect and for us all to hang out together. We were able to see them a couple times while they were out and one night we had them over for a dinner party with a little asian flair. Here are some pics:


The dinner table

Everyone had a present to open... Japanese games!!!

Playing Rapidough, the best game ever that Juliana & Kurt brought us back from England.

Rian & I, Phil, Allie, Chaz, Rebecca, Colby

From a different night, here is Morris (telling us a story) & Wallace. And also Colby & Wallace. Colby's from Japan too, in case you didn't know. But we see him all the time.

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Joseph said...

i love this picture. wallaces face is so cute!