Monday, September 20, 2010

palm springs. again.

i had the privilege of escaping to palm springs this weekend with my good friend and old college roommate, sara marashian, who had some venue research to do for her upcoming wedding. rian made it easy for me to go, sending me off in his prius and telling me all the fun things he'd be doing with the kids (thank you, babe!). sara had an awesome hotel booked for us. a place recently remodeled but was roaring in the 40's with an underground speakeasy and brothel! pretty much except for one outing to look at a venue and stuff our faces with burgers, fries and milk shakes at ruby's, we remained poolside the whole time. it was so nice to be lazy, be served, and lay out. we sunk into the huge bed and watched sex & the city 2 and then had a 10pm dinner at the poolside restaurant, where we also ate our huge breakfasts both mornings. we talked wedding plans, read magazines, napped, reminisced, talked about how cool sean & rian are, ordered more food poolside & watched people. and the pool was open 24 hours, all night long. we didn't go, i just think that's cool.


laying out. i really should have taken more pics.

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chels said...

meghan...i just have to come out and tell you that i read your blog. i don't want to be a secret stalker anymore. hahaha.