Friday, September 17, 2010

it's out

so the word is out that somewhere around april 25, 2011 we will have another one of these:

(wallace, 4 hours old. skyler 3 days old)

which means soon, i will look like this again:

(dropping wallace off after a big "last night out" for a few days while we brought skyler into the world and adjusted in at home)

in other news, skyler slept in til 8:15 this morning and i was served breakfast in bed. warm pancakes... amazing. while i was in bed rian and wallace had a conversation about rian's wedding ring tattoo. rian was telling him what it means and how much he loves mamma. wallace said he wants a tattoo also. he was told he can have the wash-off kind now and when he's much older he can decide to get a real one. wallace said, "i want a sheep tattoo". rian told him, "and that is why you will only be getting the wash-off kind".


Madelyn said...

Congratulations! So exciting! If you have your third baby on another one of our family members b-day that would be just plum crazy. JM's Bday...April 23rd. HAppy for you guys!

Karen Cleary said...

Congratulations! Mike and I are cracking up about the sheep tattoo. :)

Monique Cadwell said...

We are so happy for all of you! Matthew and I really appreciated the sheep tattoo story; kids. Congrats.