Friday, November 07, 2008

Cabo San Lucas

Rian and I escaped to Cabo this week. Originally, this was a trip for my 30th birthday, but after finding out I was pregnant, we left earlier (November instead of January). This way, I could enjoy the trip before being too huge. We made it a combined celebration of our 6th anniversary, my 30th birthday, and our second babe about to arrive. We stayed at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Holistic Retreat & Spa. This place blew us away. We were so impressed and well taken care of by everyone who worked here. It was the most relaxing vacation I've ever taken... no kids allowed and no smoking anywhere at the resort. It was so quiet and beautiful. We had amazing sunsets and one of the best rooms at the resort. Weather was great all week... daytimes around 90 with a little breeze and nighttimes around 70. We kept our doors open each night to fall asleep and wake up to the crashing waves.

This is a restaurant at our resort called Siempre. People come from all over Cabo to eat here. The food was pretty incredible. We did a couple breakfasts and dinners here. We actually didn't even go into town except driving through it to and from the airport.

You can rent these beds out for the day OR all night and actually sleep on the beach. Awesome.

Here's the belly in all it's glory.

Behind us is a sister resort of Pueblo Bonita Pacifica, just down the beach from us but seperated by cliffs down the beach. It goes from sand all the way up the cliffs. To get around the grounds, you're driven in golf carts, up windy streets like Lombard Street in SF.

It's turtle hatching season and I guess they love our protected beach. We got to watch them all walk down the sand and into the water. It was really incredible to see such a thing. And help some of the not so healthy ones along. Although I don't think there was much hope for this one in Rian's hand.

The turtles making their way down.

This is our balcony and view. Our room was on the end so this view stretches all the way around the left. We could almost see the sun both rise AND set each day from our balcony.

Oh yah, this is us dropping Wallace off at my parents house before the trip. He carried his own luggage.


juliana said...

That is exactly the kind of vacation I want someday... sounds incredible!!

Melissa Stephenson said...

Wow! That looked like such a great trip - Congrats! I can't believe you can rent beds on the beach! And the turtle thing was super cool.

Allie said...

Sounds like a great trip! I would love some of that warm weather right about now!

Karen said...

So excited for you guys to have such an amazing trip! Did you rent a bed on the beach??? I guess you wouldn't need to with a room like yours but what an experience! Love the pictures. :)

The Bardwells said...

Wow! That must have been an amazing trip...I would love to go on a trip like that! Megan, you look beautiful all the pictures. =)

Jon and Missy K said...

Looks like an incredible trip! Glad you had fun. I love that picture of Wallace and your parents. Too cute!

Amy said...

hey you guys!
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greetings from germany-
amy (warkentin)kratz