Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lots of love...

for anyone who checks this. Here is the first of last weeks photos.

GIRLS NIGHT!! Alissa is in town from the bay area. Us girls always get together when she is here. Right now she's the only one not living in Orange County. This group of girlfriends have been in my life since jr. high and some since 2nd grade. We all grew up at Calvary Church in Santa Ana. We've spent the last 10+ years doing weekend trips most every year, weekly coffee nights (not as often anymore) and spontaneous outings celebrating holidays and anything else we call worthy of celebrating. We love watching each others families grow, getting updates on our separate lives (other friends, churches, vacations, jobs) and mostly laughing a lot and way too loud.

On our way to dinner at Javier's.

Full tummies.

We told them it was Liss's birthday. It's always someones when we're out. We round up or down to the nearest one. We like being sung too.

Me and Val with our Pinkberry.

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Jon and Missy K said...

Yeah! I love girls night. We need to do it more often!