Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jayden Justin

We were able to meet the newest member of our Life Group... JJ! We went to visit Tiffany & Justin last night at their house. Here we are with little JJ. Oh man, he is SOO cute. I wanted to kiss him all over. But I didn't.

Here's JJ with Wallace. Wallace looks so big next to him, but soon they'll seem more of the same size and will be buddies. For now, all Wallace cares about is JJ's soft hair.


eric and meg said...
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eric and meg said...

wallace is like, "dude who are you and what are you doing here...." i love his expressions... he's got the raddest expressive details!!!! adorable.

Cristy, Jason & Nolan said...

Oh my goodness that picture of Wallace touching that cute little babies head is so CUTE!