Thursday, October 18, 2007

Late night relaxation

Brian and Beth live practically down the street from us, in Santa Ana. They came over last night. Rian won. As usual.


eric and meg said...

i have that sweater. rad. we have those lights you have hanging too. its kinda freaky all the things i've noticed. kinda cool knowing someone is out there that likes all the same cool stuff. anyhow, have a great weekend. and hey a new game to try, "pick two" its way rad. better than scrabble :) but the same idea.... you gotta get it. look it up on-line- its made by "tah dah" costs about 10 bucks i think. dont know if youve heard of it, but we like it around here. well not eric, but you get my drift.

The Vintage Society said...

so glad you did some editing. i was thinking about it the next day and feeling like, 'why the crap did i put that word together'. so thanks! its our secret!

jenni said...

hi meghan! how are you? i found your blog through someone's blog...can't remember who..anyways, your baby is soooo cute! seems like you guys are doing really good. i can't believe lauren is getting married, tell her "hi" for me. it's fun that i can catch up on your life through your blog. we have a blog too, it is , hope to hear from you soon. - jenni