Thursday, October 18, 2007


so as you know... we can go days and days with nothing new on the blog. THEN, you come along and find a little treat, like today. ok, so the update. we've been enjoying each week, as they fly by. rian comes home for lunch on average of 3 days a week probably. which is really fun. wallace loves hearing his voice when he arrives, he totally recognizes it and will light up when he sees his dad. this morning wallace got a bath. i cleaned him extra well, since it had been some time since his last bath. we scrubbed and soaked and once we were done, he thought it would be a great trick to poop in his towel. fine, so i cleaned him up and got him dressed. he then thought it would be funny to spit up. three times. in three different outfits. isn't he cute. however, after all the excitement he was ready to take a nap and he's been sleeping for almost 2 hours. i love that! and i have to say... he is so good to us. still sleeping through the night and being so great throughout the day. of course, we have our times where he is fussy all morning, won't nap all day, and just wants to be held. those days keep me extra busy. yesterday he was such a trooper. we visited rian at work in the morning, went to the chiropractor, took a long walk, did some shopping (for me!), went home for lunch, went out again to meet a friend, did some grocery shopping, then came home and he watched me cook dinner. he was so happy ALL day. i've never heard him talk and laugh so much. he was ready for bed by 7pm which was right when brian and beth came over for margaritas and scrabble. it couldn't have been better timing. i was ready to catch my breath and relax!

our spanish class is going very well. if wallace's first words are in spanish, don't be alarmed. we have been assigned to listen to our local spanish radio station while we drive, label objects around the house with post-its, have 10 conversations with our hispanic neighbors, and throw out one-liners to each other throughout the day (all in spanish, of course). adios. nos vemos!

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