Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Kick-off

We started the summer right with an early June camping trip to Lake Casitas. Seven dearly loved families. Such a special time. The kids thought they were in heaven.
This is Charlie, 5 minutes in. Before he got dirty.
Tate and Skye.
We rented a pontoon boat for all of Saturday. The boys got in a fishing trip and then us girls escaped for a wine and cheese hour.
The crew waiting for us mamas to get back.
So excited to load the boat and expecting to fill those buckets with fish?
Still so excited. Smiles never left those faces.
Charlie took a little snooze on Captain's back.
Girl time... lots of jewelry.
A killer s'mores bar.
The tree swing.
Lining up for the piƱata.
All of us before packing it up. Until next time...

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