Wednesday, March 07, 2012

skyler turns THREE

Birthday girl wanted a princess party with family and a couple friends.

More divas

"Here's to another good year."
We celebrated at Disneyland as a family. Began the morning with breakfast at Ariel's Grotto...where your meal is interrupted by princess after princess. Super fun.
Sleeping Beauty.
Charlie dropped a strawberry down her dress. NO joke.
Snow White. Skye was princess drunk by this point.
Fairy godmother.
Charlie honked her nose. He was on a roll with these people.
"Just give me the berries." It was all he cared about.

Explored all over Dland. Loved hanging from the bones on the island.

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Elizabeth said...

Love this!! Love the picture of Sky and Wallace at the end. I also love that Sky is into princesses, wouldnt have guessed it, but I think she is full of surprises. So sweet.