Thursday, April 19, 2012

LA and seeing a doctor every day this week.

The good news is we got away overnight before everyone started crumbling apart. Rian's company put him up at the Bonaventure hotel because he had two late night "meetings" (Clipper and Laker games) and more morning stuff with clients downtown. So.... I got to go along and just play. And eat. And sleep in. Although my body still woke up at 6:45am. Not ok.

View from our floor 27 room.

Rian and I had a few hours to hang out around the hotel and meet one of his clients for drinks. I took off early to meet my sister and mom for a night around the city. After riding the Bonaventure elevators (never gets old) we walked to Perch. AMAZING. It was like hanging out with the skyline of downtown LA. The details of this building and rooftop bistro were so different and it all felt magical.

After drinks we walked to Bottega Louie for dinner. My mom and I had never been there. I was blown away. First by the huge beautiful Patisserie up front. Then by our food. We shared a few amazing entrees but the Trenne, oh man... no other pasta will ever do.

We sat in front of the pizza flipper which was fun. Our waiter made us take a picture in front of the stove and then the flipper got upset at us and I was crying because I was laughing so hard.

I said goodbye to Lauren and my mom close to 11pm about when Rian got back from the game. The next morning was relaxed and we walked to breakfast at Engine Co. No. 28 for breakfast and people watching. Afterwards Rian got to work and I took off to get the kids. A quick getaway.

An extra special shout-out and thanks to Rian's dad for taking on three kids (age 4 and under) ALL BY HIMSELF. And not only that... he had to deal with a preview of some of the sicknesses that came on this week. Charlie has an ear infection, Skyler has blepharitis (inflamed eyelid), Wallace still has a cough and I have a sinus infection. Also, Gypsy is currently at the vet for a hematoma on her ear. Also the vet told us she has cancer. There it is. Quite the week.

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