Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i've decided that thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday. families together, all the yummy food, the anticipation of christmas decorating, music & celebrations, people sharing what they're thankful for (instead of grumbling about the other stuff).... it's such a magical weekend, thanksgiving. here are some snapshots of ours:

some early morning football and breakfast... a great way to kick off thanksgiving day.

rian and the kids with the blue pacific in the background.

thanksgiving day at rian's parents home in fullerton. the kids put on a good show.

cooking with grandma.

joel came out from arizona (on couch with rian) and maceo spent some good time playing with the kids.

while the rest of the world was shopping on black friday and rian went into the office for a bit, the kids and i set up for christmas. the next morning we cut down our tree at peltzer pines in silverado canyon. it was a chilly crisp morning, with crystal clear views of the city below as we drove over the hill. we found a cute little tree, perfect for our family!


ever since rian and i have been married (this is our 9th christmas!) we have slept under the tree on the first night. the tradition continues, only now with juice boxes, christmas cartoons and lots of bouncing around the tree.


Heather Ferenc said...

I love your tradition of sleeping under the tree the first night. So clever we might have to copy it. How fun!

Heather Ferenc said...
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