Wednesday, April 07, 2010

easter and other things like the potty

we had a fantastic easter at my parents house. my cousins came down from san francisco and wallace had second cousins his age to run around with. he had a blast. we had lots of other family there and we were all together again on monday remembering and celebrating the life of my aunt carol.

wallace is rockin it on the potty. this week i'm weaning him from the treats and presents. i'm also about ready to take off the child potty seat and get him more comfortable on the real toilet so that he stops screaming that he's falling in when we're out at any public restroom. my other project coming up is getting him to pee standing up. mostly so he can pee in the bushes. how awesome is it, having a boy!

skyler has taken off like she's been walking for years. she loves it and has been cracking us up lately. she is so goofy, loves to mimic her brother, and is such a daredevil. we have seen a very adventuresome spirit come out from her lately. it's very fun.

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Madelyn said...

Hey Meghan! Your kids are so precious!
Here's the site for the food trays.
I found them at Babies R US for 11.99. Amazon has them around that price too. When I made food for Gabriella I used ice trays w/o covers.Glad I found these! Sometimes the lids get warped and seem to come unsealed...not much though. If you run them under hot water they fit better. I just like the fact that it covers the food. Better than freezer burn.
Happy food making!