Monday, March 01, 2010


wallace helping his sister out.

he likes to wear his mickey gloves when he reads sometimes.

dinner with the mellema's. the twins and skyler are the same size and love romping around together.

rian's been traveling for work about once a month lately, at the most. usually just for a night or two. but when he's gone, i invite these girls over to play after the kids go down!

art time with the kids of my thursday night mama's group.

our disneyland passes expire in a few weeks so we've been playing over there a lot.

skyler waiting for the monorail and picking up all sorts of diseases.

me and my little toddler in the back row. on our way to drop them off with aunt lolo & uncle bumble. rian and i got a free date night and played all over L.A. we spent the night at their place and enjoyed an amazing french toast breakfast made by lauren.

it was GORGEOUS in LA. it sure doesn't look like this everytime we drive up.

well...a few of us had some changes done to our hair. here is a before shot.

here is gypsy after her haircut. she's so sweet.

here is wallace getting a haircut after i butchered the front during a trim. and that's me with my brown hair.

poor gypsy gets really tired after playing hard. and she drools and naps with her tongue out.

another typical morning.

wally and his new haircut. giving a flower to his sister.

somehow rian and i scored a hot date each weekend this month. thanks to our amazing family members living close by! these pics were taken at this japanese place he goes to and has wanted to show me. we had gyoza, asahi, ramen and then hit up the theater to watch "valentine's day". bonus: didn't have to pick up the kids 'til morning!

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