Saturday, October 25, 2008

Prager's America

Meghan and I started listening to Dennis Prager regularly when we're in our cars in the mornings about four or five months ago. He's such a wise man that has thought provoking conversations about life, happiness, politics and anything else in America. He always presents both sides of an argument as fairly as he can...when he doesn't understand the opposing opinion, he interviews someone on his show to find out. He's open to hearing other positions, but doesn't falter on his morals and world view.

With the election, he's been especially interesting to hear talk about the differences between the conservative "right" and the liberal "left." What he's impressed upon me is the fact that there really are two very different Americas. Not only that, but both sides think that they have the best interest for the country and that the other side is completely wrong. This article outlines fairly the positions of both sides...He confirms a lot of what we believe and why we side with the right: Two Irreconcilable Americas.


Lara said...

I'm a huge fan of Dennis Prager...I have to catch him online now, when I can! He speaks sometimes at the Chabad in YL. Keep a lookout--he's even better in person.

meghan kennedy said...

i didn't know that! i'd love to see him talk at the chabad. thanks!