Monday, June 16, 2008

a mix of things from last weeks post that i never posted

Here's a quick overview of Wallace's latest tricks.

In the month he has picked up the ever so classic "how big is wallace? soooo big!", giving kisses, pointing, high fives. His latest favorite thing is sitting by himself on the floor flipping through his books and pointing and babbling away to the pictures.

OK, he doesn't know how to do thumbs up yet, but happened to accidentally do it in this picture:

His latest favorite toy is this push thing below.

Last week I got together with the girls from my Spring Nurture Group. Here are the kids by the pool:

Here's a close-up of Wallace's teeth at the park. He just cut another one this weekend.

This weekend's camping pictures coming soon...


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Carlie said...

Hi Meghan, These pictures are so cute. I like to hear about what Wallace is doing these days. Then I can compare with what Graham is doing:)