Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools

Like each morning, Rian throws the ball to Gypsy at the park by our house. On this particular day he came home to me with something wrapped up in his sweatshirt. "Don't be mad at me.... but I found something in the park and I brought it home for Easter." It wasn't an April Fools joke. He not only spotted a bunny, but he & Gypsy spent time catching it, wrapped it up, and brought it upstairs into our bedroom to show me. So we're keeping it for a day and returning it to the park.... I hope... the animals have taken a liking to him.

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Anonymous said...

hey guys!

just wondering what you both are up to. Rian, give James a call when you get a chance. Miss you guys and hope you are doing great!

~James and liz Hicks